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Due to the nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee that your pictures will be available 100% of the time. What this means is, it is the nature of the internet to have occasional problems. It is also the nature of computers to have occasional problems causing temporary outages, as well as sometimes computers must be taken offline to do maintenance. While Photeto has absolutely no control over internet problems, we do our best to ensure that the servers at our end are up and running as much as possible.

You agree to hold harmless of any outages that would prohibit your pictures from being displayed on the internet. What this means is, we do not issue any type of credit due to internet problems or temporary server downtime. As stated in the paragraph above, problems do occur with any type of internet activity, and this website is no different. While this may sound a bit stuffy, keep in mind that this is our business. If we honestly do not strive to ensure that our server is operating correctly, we will not have any members. While we do our best to keep our server running optimally which makes our members happy, we have absolutely no control over problems with the internet itself.

We do allow the hosting of adult pictures. Please keep in mind that while we allow adult pictures, in NO WAY allows uploading of any illegal content, namely child pornography. ANY images of underage people being depicted in an adult manner will result in the immediate closure of your account. Also, any accounts hosting these images will immediately have their personal information sent directly to the FBI. Not only is child pornography illegal, it is the single most disgusting thing on the internet today. If this type of situation arises, I will not wait for any law enforcement to contact me, as I will initiate the proceedings and contact the proper authorities myself. In a nutshell, if you're going to upload illegal images, don't. I make NO hesitation to getting people that perpetuate this problem off the internet, and out of society.

We do not allow our service to hold pictures for TGPs (Thumbnail Gallery Posts) or AVSs (Adult Verification Services).

Picture sizes are restricted to 500k in size each. In all honesty, we recommend that pictures be kept to 50k to 75k for your own sake. If pictures are too large, then that is more time it takes for your pictures to display on someone's screen. If it takes too long to load your pictures, people will simply not wait very long for your pictures to load and will leave the webpage. If you are trying to sell an item (auction, storefront, etc), you do NOT want people to leave your webpage. Please remember...while we are in the age of broadband becoming more popular (cable access, DSL, etc), not everyone has these types of services, and are using dial-up modems. Dial-up modems are very slow in comparison to broadband, and if your pictures are rather large, it will take a VERY long time for your pictures to display for these dial-up users. Please keep these things in mind while creating webpages, especially when it comes to image sizes on your webpage!

As a member of, you will only upload pictures that you are authorized to use on the internet. Anyone found using images that they are not authorized to use will immediately have their account removed from our system.

If your account has to be cancelled for any reason (whether you ask for the cancellation, or we cancel your account due to a Terms of Service violation), we do not give any type of refunds for unused time that you have already paid for.

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